Monday, October 13, 2008

I Smell Fall Leather Boots Enter My Shoe Slut

Fall is on it's way to Los Angeles and there are so many stunning fall shoes good thing I have a jealous foot slave. Mike the nervous and shy loser who can't bear to see when he is not the one pampering my feet and at the top of the blog. Mike really hasn't had a nice blog about his loser self in forever so he had to earn his way back into my bitchy little blog. Mike and I spent a nice hour of mental torture together I really couldn't decide if I was going to LET him spill it. 20 min of begging and a sweet tribute on top I let Mike go get his toothbrush and spill all over it. I know, I'm a total bitch but it was really funny and this is all about my amusement anyway.
First arrival these sexy ass Kors heels but, they dont fit so I need to get them a size smaller. The are so sexy!

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